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Product safety

Product safety

The guideline General Product Safety obliges company to offer safe products. Besides,
as from 1st December 2005 companies must report as soon as dangerous products
come on the market. Legislation must contribute to a better protection of the consumer.

Jupio Europe BV acts conform all legal requirements  products have to meet and makes every effort to bring safe products on the market. If necessary, Jupio Europe BV products or packages contain a warning.

If a defective product, which is dangerous,  is brought on the market, it can be traced by means of an article- and batch number. Jupio Europe BV will withdraw this product from the market. Jupio Europe BV will make mention of an unsafe product on her website: jupio.com. Besides, in case of a dangerous product, we will inform the authorities.

Should your product contain dangerous deviations please inform Jupio Europe BV in The Netherlands. Jupio Europe BV will research the product and will take all necessary precautions. Complaints concerning possible dangerous products can be reported to:

Jupio Europe BV
Wasaweg 27
9723 JD Groningen
The Netherlands
T +31-(0)50 5499949
F +31-(0)50 3130495
E info@jupio.com

In case of questions concerning product safety issues, please feel free to contact our customer service, on working days monday till friday 09:00 – 17:00 CEST.