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Warranty conditions

Warranty conditions

Each Jupio product features a limited one, two or three year warranty. Should you have any questions concerning the warrranty, please feel free to contact our customer service. The period of warranty is also mentioned on the packaging of the product. You can find each products warranty period below:

3 years of warranty
Digital camera and camcorder batteries
Broadcast batteries
Mobile phone batteries
PowerVault series
Battery chargers
Battery grips
Cables and USB accessories
All other Jupio products

2 years of warranty
Laptop and notebook batteries
Powertool batteries

1 year of warranty
Rechargeable batteries

DOA warranty*
Alkaline batteries
Coin cell batteries
Lithium batteries

*DOA means ´Dead on arrival´. When a product is defective from the first moment you are using it.

Important note about defective batteries
As the lifespan of a battery is always limited, the warranty conditions which relate to the  batteries deviate from the standard warranty conditions. Its a normal process that a battery shows wear after being used for a certain period of time. The more intensive the use, the sooner power loss will occur. Permanent powerloss can also occur when you store batteries for a long time without charging it. Our advice: never store an empty battery: always charge it before storing and re-charge every 6-9 months!

No warranty will be given:
1. When defects are caused by incompetent use.
2. When the product has been opened or repaired.
3. In case of bump-, fall- or water damage.
4. In case of short circuiting.
5. When a battery is stored uncharged for a longer period.
6. When a battery experiences loss of power after heavy usage.